4 Features Of A Premium Mobile Bingo Site

When you’re looking for the best mobile bingo site to spend your time on, you want to be sure that you know how to spot a premium option. The sheer volume of choices can make this a daunting task that can seem overwhelming. However, once you begin to weed out the ones that are not high quality and that do not offer the features you are looking for, the list is much more manageable. The brands recommended in this guide have gone through an intense process that is executed by a team of industry analysts. The information below includes some of the key elements we look for during this process to determine the legitimacy and quality of any particular mobile bingo site.

Do They Offer a Substantial Game Selection?

When you’re looking at the different online bingo sites, you will notice that some of them offer multiple patterns and variations of one primary bingo game variation, while others will offer you the chance to play 75, 80, and 90 ball bingo games. Also, some of the mobile bingo sites also offer players access to side games, such as slots and other casino games. A feature that is unique to the online and mobile bingo industry are the chat room side games. These games take place in a chat room during a specific bingo game and offer the opportunity to interact with other players and win additional prizes and bonuses.

We recommend that you take a moment to review the game selection at any mobile bingo site you are considering playing at to make sure that it offers enough variety to meet your needs and preferences. Most sites also offer some type of free play options, so you can try them out before you invest any type of money.

Are They Legally Licensed and Regulated?

In order to ensure you are visiting a safe and legitimate bingo gambling destination, it is important to be sure the site is holds legal licensing and is subject to regulatory oversight from a respected and genuine governing jurisdiction. High quality bingo sites will usually be pretty transparent with this information. If you are unsure how to verify this type of information, you can always rely on expert input from trusted resources guides such as this one. Verifying that a bingo site is operating legitimately within the industry is the first thing we do in our review process, hence all the brands you see listed here are licensed and regulated.

Are They Compatible With the Primary Mobile Operating Systems?

The high quality mobile bingo applications are going to invest the extra expense and effort to ensure that their bingo gaming is compatible with the primary mobile operating systems on the market. This includes iPhone bingo, iPad bingo, Android bingo and Blackberry bingo applications. Some bingo sites add additional platforms over time, while other utilize responsive technology to ensure their bingo hall can be accessed from any of those mobile platforms. A bingo site that has no interest in making themselves compatible with the bulk of the mobile market demonstrates a lack of commitment to players and the industry. The bingo apps recommended in this guide make huge efforts to render their gaming compatible with all mobile devices.

Bingo Bonuses – Do They Show You The Money?

One of the first things most people learn when they start enjoying any type of real money gambling online, is to look for the bonuses. The mobile bingo venue is no different and comes chock full of enticing welcome bonuses, reload bonuses and tons of promotions. Bonuses that include reasonable wagering requirements will provide a significant boost to your bankroll and allow you to start out playing a little stronger than you could have without free bonus money.

The largest bonuses for mobile bingo apps are typically offered to new players upon registration of their player account. In most cases, they are offered as a match deposit bonus, meaning that the bingo site will match a certain percentage of your initial deposit(s) with free bonus money. Other types include reload bonuses to keep you coming back, special promotions that offer educed buy-ins or free bingo cards, referral bonuses for spreading the word, and a host of additional promotions and offers. Bingo sites tend to be very active in the bonus and promotion segment of the business.


These are just a few of the element we look at when reviewing a mobile bingo application for inclusion in our guide. We chose these three specific features to look for as they are pretty much a dead give away as to the quality and legitimacy of any mobile bingo brand. A poor selection of games, the absence of legitimate licensing verification, and the absence of bonuses and reasonable wagering requirements indicates a questionable bingo gambling destination that you more than likely don’t want to waste your time on. A site that has all of these components present may bear further scrutiny as a potential bingo site destination for you to enjoy. You will find all of these features present in the brands that we recommend through our mobile bingo site reviews.