Android Bingo – Why Players Love Playing Bingo on Their Android Smartphones and Tablets

Android is the mobile operating system that has earned enough market share over the last several years to give Apple a substantial run for their money, and to make Google one of the two largest players in the industry. This means that Android bingo is a substantial competitor for iPhone bingo and iPad bingo.  Given Android ‘s significant presence in the mobile market, it is not surprising that their devices are also a popular platform for enjoying real money gambling entertainment such as Android bingo, fiercely competing with iPhone bingo and iPad bingo. Because the Google Play store does not support real money gambling applications, players will need to rely on the web based mobile optimized Android bingo apps, which is our preferred mode for engaging in this venue. The web based applications have proven to be the most reliable, enjoyable and secure options for players, and they do not require any type of download; hence they do not require any storage space on your device. They also provide a wider range of game options, patterns, and incentives as compared to app store titles.

Top Rated Android Mobile Bingo Sites & Apps

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Is it legal to enjoy Android bingo gambling on my smartphone or tablet?

This question bears examining, and all players should be asking this question before they engage in this type of entertainment. There is not a black and white simplistic answer, but instead the answer requires a bit of qualifying. International players have had access to legal online gambling for some time, and that legality spans their mobile gambling options as well. US players in very few states have access to state licensed and regulated online and offline gambling options that include bingo at the time of this writing. Players in the United States who do not reside in a region which has legalized bingo gambling in some form have access to legal Android bingo options through licensed and regulated bingo sites which are located outside of the USA, and that offer their services to American players. There are no federal laws which prohibit this type of real money gambling at legally licensed and certified gambling sites. So whether you have access to state sponsored mobile gambling or not, there are high quality options for you that are perfectly legal. Each of the brands that we recommend in this guide support both USA and international players.  You can find out which mobile bingo sites support Android devices by checking out our mobile bingo reviews.

How do I know if an Android bingo application is reputable?

The easiest way to access only legitimate Android bingo sites and applications is by relying on a trusted guide such as this one. Our team of mobile gambling professionals has created a refined listing of the top rated bingo sites which support your Android devices. Each site was placed through our complex review process and evaluated with a fine-toothed comb. We are highly selective regarding the brands that we recommend to our visitors and we take our influence as professionals within the industry very seriously. We ourselves are registered players at each brand you find listed on this page as we only recommend those sites that we ourselves are willing to participate at as real money players. Yes, we put our money where our mouth is. Should you choose to go at it without the input of a professional guide, then there are some critical elements which you must verify prior to considering giving your business to any bingo site.

First and foremost, you must verify that they are legally licensed by a respected and legitimate governing jurisdiction, and they hold the appropriate compliance certifications concerning their software and fair gaming practices. You must make sure that the site is operating legally within the industry long before you transfer any funds to them. In addition, evaluating their software platform, security profile, range of games and buy-ins, user interface, reputation among players and industry professionals, banking suite processes and the responsiveness and knowledge of their customer support staff are crucial. Once these elements are verified, you will know if the brand bears further scrutiny or should be initially eliminated. As you can see, the process is intense and requires some level of knowledge and expertise to perform. Below are our recommendations for engaging in Android bingo gambling, each brand personally vetted by our team. They are all legally licensed, secure and overall highly enjoyable.

Do all mobile bingo sites support Android devices?

No, there are some reputable mobile bingo sites and applications that are not compatible with the Android operating system, but they are few. With the popularity of this operating system, it behooves the gambling operations to include support for the Android brand in their development. Next to Apple’s iOS platform, Android is the most popular option out there, with millions of users owning an Android smartphone, phablet or tablet. This ensured they are included in the industry’s leading mobile bingo brands. Most sites utilize responsive technology to enable their interface to be formatted across the range of devices that use this operating system, including previous models of smartphones and tablets. The software recognizes the specific device that is accessing the site and customizes the display to render perfectly on that device, regardless of varying dimensions and screen resolutions. This is another worthwhile investment on their part as it gives them the widest net for attracting a large player base.

Why do Android bingo sites offer me bonuses and are they legitimate?

Most players who ask this question have the ‘too good to be true’ antennae on guard. We love it when players exercise due diligence in questioning the gambling sites and applications that they are considering engaging in. The primary objective of the Android bingo sites that offer players incentives and rewards is to attract new players, and player retention. The competitive nature of this business drives these sites to try to outdo each other in gaining your affection, which means that they will compete to put the best offers on the table because monetary incentives work with players. They do attach wagering requirements to their bonus offers in most cases to ensure that they keep you engaged for a specific amount of time, knowing that the longer you stay the more you will play. Because not everyone wins with their bonuses, they can afford to offer this type of incentive to players.

It is important that players are not seduced by offers that are too good to be true at illegitimate gambling sites whose objective is to ensnare you with false offers to get to your personal information and money. Often times the bonus will seem legit but will have unreasonable wagering requirements that are not attainable. This is a risk that players face when engaging in virtual gambling online and on their mobile devices. Accessing a brand that as been vetted by professionals is your best bet for avoiding this type of situation. We cannot stress to you enough how important it is that players are careful with their personal and financial data, and who they give access to.

How can I locate the best Android bingo gambling options?

As mentioned above, our team places each brand you see in this guide through an intensive and complicated review process that effectively determines a brand’s value and legitimacy. Therefore, the options in this guide represent the best that the industry has to offer you. We looked into each detail, including just how fair and reasonable all bonus terms and wagering requirements were, how quickly they payout their winnings, and the level of quality that their gaming experience offers. By limiting your bingo game play to the brands that we’ve approved, you are ensuring that you avoid the risky options and only access the most trusted and reputable Android bingo apps available.