A Look at the Most Popular Mobile Bingo Games

Online and mobile bingo sites offer you the chance to play all the bingo you want from your computer, smartphone or tablet. The most popular bingo games include 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, and 30 ball bingo.  Not all mobile bingo apps include every single game, however they each carry multiple options to choose from.  90 ball and 75 ball bingo are the most popular and most widely included in mobile bingo menus.  In addition to the four primary bingo game variations, there are hundreds of patterns that can be applied to each bingo game version.  This is where the real challenge and game selection takes shape.  Below we have provided a brief description of the most widely used patterns in mobile bingo gambling.  This is just a small sample of the hundreds of patterns available.  To learn which mobile bingo sites offer the games you are interested in, you can check out our mobile bingo site reviews for some insight into what each brand has to offer.  These reviews will also show you which mobile operating systems each bingo site is compatible with, including iPhone bingo, iPad bingo, Android bingo and Blackberry bingo.

Line pattern – A line pattern bingo game is the one most people learn to play first. This is the game where you are required to make a straight line on the bingo card in order to win. Although this is the most simple pattern game, many people prefer it simply because it’s the one they learned first and they are comfortable with it.

Four corners pattern – This is just what it sounds like; the player will need to blackout all four corners on their bingo card to win. This simplicity of this game makes it very popular among players as the don’t have to pay close attention to know how they are doing and they can focus on their favorite side games as well.

Shape pattern – Shape pattern bingo games are extremely popular with players. You’ll find that this pattern game brings an added level of excitement to the table. When you play a shape pattern game, you’ll have to create the shape specified at the start of the game on the card to win. Some of the shapes you may be required to form include arrows, airplanes, diamonds, and many others.

Letter pattern – Another fun bingo game to play requires you to make the shape of a certain letter on your bingo card. The letters vary greatly and you’ll need to make the exact pattern in order to win the game. A sample pattern is provided so you know exactly what pattern to follow.

Coverall pattern – A coverall bingo game is also referred to as a blackout game. In this game you win when you are able to fill up all the spaces on the bingo card. Mobile and online versions of this game do not take a long time to complete because the dauber automatically marks your spaces digitally and the game proceeds fairly quickly.

You will always find these patterns available at the mobile bingo sites we recommend, as well as hundreds more!  There are literally no limits to the possibilities available – and premium bingo apps take full advantage of that.  In order to be included in this guide, a mobile bingo application must present a very substantial game menu that includes tremendous variety when it comes to bingo patterns and game variations.  You will find the variety you are looking for at any of our listed brands, which ensures you never get bored with the gaming environment.  In addition, they also offer side games that include chat games, slots, roulette, video poker and sometimes even table games.